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*Oops! I haven’t been very good about keeping my website up to date. I do not practice in Hawai`i anymore as I’ve relocated. For now, I will be leaving the content of the website up; a number of people have contacted me to let me know they’ve found the information helpful and as time permits I’ll rework the site to keep the informational piece, but take out the part about my private practice.

I’m Sean Kitaoka and I’m a Licensed Psychologist in Honolulu, Hawaii. I have worked with many people through different challenges, from getting over depression and trauma, to managing anxiety, to learning how to communicate and connect better with loved ones. I’ve also worked with people through different life stages like choosing a career path, working through grief, or kicking habits and patterns that you’ve outgrown. Just as there are a number of paths to go into the dark forests, there are a number of paths out. I’m here to help you on your path.

Therapy and Consultation Services

I provide psychotherapy and consultation to individuals and couples for a variety of issues. I have told clients that therapists are like t-shirts, some fit better than others. One of the best predictors of a positive outcome in psychotherapy is how well you and your therapist connect. That includes your sense of your therapist “getting you,” talking about the issues that
you feel are important, and that the approach or methods used match what you’re expecting.

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My job is to be a good t-shirt (or blouse or tanktop if you prefer) for you. If you were to ask me “Sean, What’s your theoretical orientation?” (This is a famous question in therapy land). My answer is “You. You are my theoretical orientation.” Fortunately for the world, people do not come out of cookie cutters where a one-size-fits-all approach works. Cookie cutters are great for making LOTS of the same thing. But, you and I both know, you are a unique individual with your own personal story, and your own sense of what rings true for you. My commitment is to find what works for you.

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Does Therapy Work?

According to surveys done by the American Psychological Association, the most common reason people don’t go to psychotherapy is because of a lack of confidence in the outcome. With that in mind, I can tell you that YES, THERAPY WORKS! The average treated person is better off than 80% of the untreated population.

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In my work with clients, I formally track how clients are responding to our sessions and make adjustments based on client feedback. The results? Of the clients who choose to work with me, on average, my clients reported improving by 14% within 2 sessions. By Session 4, my clients reported improving by 20%. By the end of treatment, my average client reported a 52% improvement from our first session.

Sean Kitaoka's Psychotherapy Outcomes

These numbers suggest that changes and improvements in psychotherapy don’t always have to take years and years. It is both possible and common for some people to respond to therapy relatively quickly. I am very committed to monitoring my work with ongoing feedback from clients so that we can make adjustments as needed to best suit your needs. By formally monitoring your response to treatment, we are able to discern what is working for you and what is not.

I will admit a bias I do have, and that is a strengths-based orientation. I agree wholeheartedly with poet David Whyte when he says
“There seems to be some connection between the places we have disowned inside ourselves and the key to where we need to go.” I do believe that human beings are generally oriented toward growth, but the expression of that growing point needs some work.

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I also maintain a general website at www.SeanKitaoka.com and a blog on mental health issues at www.SeanKitaoka.com/blog.